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Radial Corporation Limited is an Australian public unlisted company with around 170 shareholders. Radial Corporation shareholders have supported the establishment and development of Radial technology in various corporate embodiments, from 1989 to 1999 as shareholders of Radcon Pty Ltd and from 1999 to 2005 as shareholders of Radial Timber Australia Limited.

Radial Corporation was established in 2005 when the technology and intellectual property assets of Radial Timber Australia were sold to Radial Corporation in a restructure that saw Radial Corporation shares taken up in the same proportion as shareholdings in Radial Timber Australia . Radial Timber Australia retained ownership of the Yarram Mill. Shareholder Elmman Pty Ltd purchased all other shareholdings in Radial Timber Australia Limited to become sole owner and the company was then converted to a Propriety Limited company.

Radial Timber Australia Pty Ltd operates the Yarram Mill under license from Radial Corporation and sells Radial products across Australia via its marketing division Radial Timber Sales Pty Ltd.




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Radial 60 Large Log Backsawn

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  See what Radial  technology has to offer  the world. With high grade recovery and low cost production, Radial offers an environmentally and technically friendly solution for sawmilling now and into the future...  

Find out about technology that  has been developing for over a decade and that will shape the timber industry....



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