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Saw patterns, sawmill machinery, sawn timber and value added products.

Radial is developing timber processing technology- for now, and for the future.

Related to nature, radial sawing patterns and processing makes advanced sawmill technology available to timber producers and advanced products available to consumers. Advanced sawmilling, producing less waste, is better for the environment. Making better use of smaller diameter and difficult logs changes the economics related to timber creating opportunities for new ways of managing plantations and log production. Advanced sawmilling provides for better deals for timber producers and benefits for the consumer with a greater range of better products produced from fewer trees.

Radial has changed the face of architecture in Australia with the external use of products produced by its revolutionary narrow board high stability hardwood processing. 

Radial now introduces world changing technology- wide board optimized backsawing and automated and semi- automated quartersawing. These machines will be available in sizes and configurations to suite the small, and the largest, mill.


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arSawing pattern preview

Wedge Panel, Weather board

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See what Radial  technology has to offer  the world. With high grade recovery and low cost production, Radial offers an environmentally and technically friendly solution for sawmilling now and into the future...


Find out about technology that  has been developing for over a decade and that will shape the timber industry....



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