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RADIAL, a driving force set to improve, standardise, and revolutionise.

Radial Corporation develops timber technologies. Our mission is to take Radial timber production and product technologies to the world. Radial provides for easier production systems that result in improved timber outcomes and products. Radial systems reduce wastage of trees, and bring out the full beauty, use potential, and benefits of the world's most important renewable building and construction material.
Radial innovation springs from need. Radial takes timber production back to its roots and to nature- and into the future...

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Radial 60 Large Log Backsawn

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  See what radial  technology has to offer  the world. With high grade recovery and low cost production, Radial offers an environmentally and technically friendly solution for sawmilling now and into the future...  

Find out how Radial Technology has been developing technology to shape the timber industry ....



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